Realization to meditate

I am the only one dependent on the rules that keep me here. -EVR


One thought on “Realization to meditate

  1. I am only sharing these thoughts and not trying to convince you of anything. =) Dependence is a fetter that binds and limits, rules are only what our consciousness has agreed to accept, “HERE” seems to be a matter of perception, all of these can be transcended. I make the statement understanding the duality of this reality however now I am speaking with transcendence in mind and I will bypass the physical and metaphysical which are of duality. If everything is a fabrication of the mind, a projection of conceptual consciousness through the lights of our atoms/energies then all of these (Dependence, rules and “HERE”) seem to be without substance and only exist as perceptions of our own minds. These perceptions are indeed impacting but with observance of the human species we can see that these perceptions are mutable and passable.I I would use quotes from scientists as well as Buddha to back these claims that I make but I am short on time. I wrote a lot on this in a blog post I titled WOMAN OF THE LIGHT if you care to read it =) I always love your posts, I greatly appreciate minds such as yours and humbly thank you for doing the work that you do.

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