There Are Only Desires


soul-copy1In the Book IV of Plato’s The Republic, Plato has Socrates make a series of arguments that attempt to establish that soul has three parts. Plato’s theory of soul is one of the earliest discussions on human psychology in the history of Western philosophy. This piece discusses and investigates the plausibility of Plato’s argument for the tripartite soul, i.e. that human soul has reason, spirit and appetite as three separate entities with different functions to perform for a just soul. It won’t discuss the question of justice in soul or the city, nor it will address the whole series of arguments for the tripartite soul in the Book IV. It only scrutinizes Plato’s argument for how ‘desiring and being averse are opposites’ in making the statement that there is a rational as well as an appetitive part in soul. It attempts to contend that Plato’s argument for the tripartite…

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